The Writing of Jennifer Felton, Paranormal Romance Author

Creating New Worlds, One Word At A Time

Jennifer has been writing since she knew how to hold a crayon! When she was younger, she was always thinking of different stories in her head. It wasn’t until she was a teenager, that she actually started to write some of her ideas down.
It never really seemed like it was something she could do. Writing was always more of a pipedream that she never imaged she would achieve. Then as the years went on, the industry shifted and she was able to discover avenues that allowed her to control her publishing career.

All the books she read throughout her life stoked her imagination, but she had never thought to write about the characters that were own head. That was, until the characters began their rebellion. It seems she no longer has a choice but to tell their tales.
No matter what she does or works on in life, there is nothing that can quite touch the thrill of being able to shape some unexplored world that could land in the hands of thousands – in the shape of a book.

Current Writing

Now, Jennifer can always be found with pen and paper or phone in her hand. She spends much of her time jotting down notes and ideas. Her computer is full of books waiting to be written. The ideas seem to be coming faster than she can type these days! 

Through Life and Death is the first in her new adult paranormal romance series, One Hell of a Romance! The second book in the series, Through Love and Hate, is currently getting ready for a new edition to be put out in September 2017.
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