Eternal Beginnings (One Hell of a Romance #1) Chapter One Preview


Chapter One: Katricne

Amani, Realm of the Gods

543 B.C.

Under the cover of the night, she quietly slipped out of her hiding place and glided through the gates of Amani towards the Beacons. The lack of light didn’t hinder her progress though, as she had sneaked out many times in the last year and a half in order to make the trip across the realms. It didn’t take long for her to know the path inside and out, even in the dark. By now, she knew all the best places to hide and had the schedule of the Freasers, the holy guards, down pat.

Plus, it didn’t hurt that she was the Goddess of Time. As such, she was able to weave the thread of time as she made her way from her home to the Beacons so that the trip, which normally would have taken the better part of an hour, pass by to the rest of the realm in mere seconds.

While traveling between the different realms wasn’t forbidden per se, it was something that was strictly regulated. The risk of being caught always made her heart pound to the point where she was sure its loud beating would give her away. The Glaciels wouldn’t be happy with Katricne if she were to be caught sneaking about.

As the elders of Amani, the Glaciels were charged with over seeing everyone in the realm. They were also the governing body of the Gods, and it was their duty to ensure that peace was kept at all times. Disobeying the Glaciels was a serious offense, and not one to be taken lightly. Those who dared to defy them were dealt with swiftly, and while they couldn’t die, at least not in a traditional sense, they learned there were worse things than death.


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