Legion of the Blood (Hunting the Hunter)

Get Lost in a Sneak Peek of Legion of the Blood


Sneak Peek – Legion of the Blood (Hunting the Hunter)

Legion of the Blood is fully outlined and has started to be written. It will be the first in the Hunting the Hunter series, which will be a series of stand alone books.

The car pulled up slowly, headlights off.

Silently, a figure emerged, careful not to make a sound and disturb anyone in the sleepy neighborhood. The moon shone down as the figure slinked through the night, creeping up the driveway.

The coast seemed to be clear, and with a quick wave, the car pulled from the curb. Quiet as a mouse, the shadow clung to the house, searching, making sure no one was around to see. The hour was late, so there were no signs of nosy neighbors peeking around curtains from dimly lit rooms; no one was around to notice the intruder climbing the trellis on the side of the house.


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