***PRE-ORDER*** Eternal Beginnings (One Hell of a Romance #1)

Maya in the Middle of the Storm

In the Beginning

There was this little book, Eternal Beginnings. It was never even supposed to happen! Really, it was only a character exercise containing a few paragraphs for Sebastian, one of the main characters.

As I progressed with the character exercise, I realized I was finding out more and more about him that I hadn’t expected! So I kept up with it. The more you know, right?

So a few paragraphs turned into a couple pages. I was thrilled.

Eventually, it was around 4,000 words or so, and I thought that was it, it was done.

So I thought.


As anyone in the publishing business can tell you, the writing, editing, and polishing of a book is never done.

I learned this the hard way!

This character exercise had been born while I was writing what was supposed to be the first book in the series. After the first draft, I realized that I had no idea what my story was actually supposed to be about!

I was heartbroken. Sebastian was really supposed to be the only main character in this series. Suddenly, I was wondering who Tobias and Maya were, and why THEY thought they were so important to the story.

Because I sure as hell was clueless!

So, it was back to the drawing board with this story, and these characters. Now I had to get in the mind of two characters I had never really planned on existing.

So… what better way to find out about them, than to put them in Sebastian’s character exercise? This way i could see how they interacted and what their relationships were like. Only… they didn’t live near each other.

That left me with having to come up with a reason for them to be around, to exist, but not in the same area as one another. I also had to figure out how they were communicating, and what they were talking about.


By the time I was done, I had a 7,000+ word story that actually made sense and told a story!

After cleaning it up a bit,I figured I’d throw it on Amazon and see what happened. I wasn’t expecting anything big, and nothing big happened. Except a few sales and a few good (and a couple not-so-good) reviews.

But it left me with one important thing: the need to tell these characters’ stories and knowing that even if there were only a few, there were still people out there who enjoyed learning about them and reading about them.


After having Eternal Beginnings available for awhile, it was actually doing decent. I was thrilled.

What was even more exciting, a publisher was interested in MY story. So I reworked the story a bit, had it edited, and had someone help me with the storyline a bit.

In the end, I went from a 7K+ word short story to an 11K-ish word short story! The publisher republished it as Through Life and Death (One Hell of a Romance Prequel).

Once again, I thought that was it, that it was done. Except, it wasn’t.

The publisher closed and I decided I didn’t want the story to be for YA/NA/Adult audiences, but more for NA/Adult audiences and for it to be a little edgier. So I only did some minor tweaking to some scenes to take it from YA to Adult, and then I republished it.

After considering some of the feedback I got that was from a few sources, wanting to know MORE about what happened to our trio after the story ended, I have now decided to add even MORE to the story!

It has a much more fantasy feel to it, while still maintaining its paranormal romance roots. This new edition will also let the reader find out more in a second part that takes place after where the book originally ended!

All in all, just with this set of revisions and additions, over 20K words have been added!!

I couldn’t be more excited for this book to hit the shelves again!


***Please be aware that not all retailers have the book available for pre-order yet, although it has been submitted. As more retailers make the book available, you will be able to use this same link to go back and choose your preferred retailer, once it’s available.***

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