Publishing News: Eternal Beginnings (One Hell of a Romance #1)

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Preparing To Publish

So a lot has gone on in the last few months. It was around the end of October or the beginning of November when I decided that I was going to get Through Life and Death a quick edit and get around to re-publishing it. This was especially important since one of my new 2018 goals is to get the entire One Hell of a Romance series written and ready for publishing!

Boy, has there been a whirlwind since then!

I have since procured an amazing editing team! I seriously don’t know what I would do without them. They keep me sane, grounded, and hopefully they will continue to be able to reign me in and keep me on track, and on schedule! 

But, with that, a whole new perspective on the series was born! There was a lot of feedback from when my old publisher had published the first two books, and I’ve decided that maybe I should actually sit down and do something about that feedback. 

So, I am.

One of the things that it seemed that people wanted to know, was what the hell happened??

Yes, the story sort of ended on a cliffhanger, but really, the ending was sort of obvious, I think anyway. BUT, that being said, I also understand how readers were left wondering what happened next. With that, I’ve gone through and decided to actually add a second part to the book, to show what happened next! 

But that’s not all!


Putting it all Together

I also enhanced the first part dramatically, and I’m still not done with it, but since it has a lot more already, I think it’s time to start focusing on part two! You won’t be disappointed though, I promise. So far, I’ve added over 7K words! It’s amazing, and I haven’t even gotten past the outlining stage for part two!

Not only that, but I also decided to totally throw caution to the wind and re-imagine the ENTIRE series. One of the things was that a few years ago, when I first started to sit down and try to write this in my spare time, was that I had a basic progression for the story. I knew the basics of each book and where they would fall in the grand scheme  of the series. 

Then, I wrote this book, which wasn’t supposed to be a book, but rather a character exercise that was barely a page long! As you know though, sometimes stories and characters can take over and lead you places you never imagined. That’s one of the great things about being a writer!

Well, that had happened with this series, and I was easily caught up, since it was my first foray into the world of writing and publishing. So I let things fall a part a bit, and then I finished a draft of what was supposed to be the first book in the series. And it was bad. But that was okay, because I learned and the story grew from that, which was great! 

Unsure what to do though, because I really didn’t want to dive back into that book (it was getting to the point where I didn’t feel like I knew the story anymore, and I was getting really frustrated with it), so instead I decided to start the series from a different point and lead back to the book that I had written, and end with it.

Now though, as I have my fantastically brilliant editors, I hashed a few things out with there. That actually led me to go back to the original order of the series, with one obvious exception. Eternal Beginnings is now going to be the actual first book (and an actual book, no longer just a prequel). Also, there will no longer be the side stories in the series. The stories will still exist, but not within the same world as this series.

Now, that leads me back to the publishing of the first book in the series. While I’m definitely ready to self-publish, I’m actually going to be holding off a little. I want to first submit to a few agents and one publisher. First, I have to finish making it a full length book, rather than a short story. That’s where part two is going to come in! 

It’s a little scary, and very exciting, this second part. It’s a journey to a world I never imagined and had no intentions of going. So, I’m glad you’ll all be along for the ride with me! It’s always fun to do these things with others.


My Plans

As for my plans, I’m going to have the book outlined by the end of January, and hopefully finished by March 15. As I’m chugging along, it’ll be available to my editing team, so they can make comments and suggestions as I go. This will be helpful in case I insert something (or forget something) that is important! 

Before I finish tackling the outlining however, I have a little side project that I will be working on! I found a great roadmap on getting from a premise all the way to mapping out the scenes for a book! Except, I’m not too keen on the WP that they have available for writing out the book in. That’s when I decided to take the steps and take what I’ve found and create a Scrivener template. Rather, templates for different genres/story structure frames.

That’s why I am anticipating the outlining being done by the end of the month. Otherwise. I’d have it complete in a week or so. But I really want to be able to make it easier to write in Scrivener rather than bouncing all around between programs.


What are some things that YOU wish you could find in a Scrivener template? A writing timeline? Marketing Section? Financial section? 




Keep an eye out here! In a little bit I plan to post a teaser with the brand spanking new opening scene in Eternal Beginnings

If you can’t wait though, feel free to look for it on my Twitter or Facebook page


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