Here you can find a sneak peek or two of upcoming projects! Not all of the sneak peeks that I post are from finished projects, in fact, most probably aren’t. A few may be from projects in current development, or they may just be the little tidbits of info that I’ve written down so far on a project. I’ll keep this updated with more for you to look forward to as time goes on!


Untitled or tidbit sneak peeks will be found here. The sneak peek for titled and developed projects can be found here. So don’t forget to check those out. 

Sneak Peek – Untitled Project

“Stop!” she gasped, barely able to catch her breath. Desperate for air, she tried to push away the man on top of her.

But it was no use. He wasn’t done with her, not yet.

“Bradley,” she squeaked, “please.”

He paused for a moment, giving her a much needed reprieve, before he attempted to continue his assault.

“Yield, wench!” he demanded with a laugh as he reached down toward her, intent on tickling her into submission.

Shilah punched him in the arm, catching him off guard. His hesitation gave her the chance to roll off the bed.

“Never,” she replied with a smirk before she bolted out of the bedroom with a seductive giggle.


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